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We live in a world where there seems to be so much hopelessness, we exist as a church family to bring hope to our community through Jesus Christ. We also desire to see Christ-Followers understand their hope in Christ as they live for Him. 

Hope is found in Christ. He brings purpose, fulfillment, healing and an incredible future. We want you to know there is a place for you in this faith family.  

We believe you have a crucial part to play in getting the HOPE of Jesus to a hopeless world. This good news of the gospel isn't meant to stay here in our community, it's for everyone. 

The Lord has a great purpose for your life. That is why our mission is to tell others about the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and make disciples. Our vision to accomplish that mission and our church focus is to “KNOW HIM AND MAKE HIM KNOWN!”


The Lord’s great purpose is for you to know Him and then make Him known to others. You can know Him by believing in Him as your Lord and Savior and growing in Him through faith and discipleship. You can make Him known by serving others and telling them about the message of Jesus Christ. 


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